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19th SEACOMP & 14th ACOMP goes Hybrid in Phuket, Thailand

We are inviting everyone to join the 19th SouthEast Asian Congress of Medical Physic (SEACOMP) and at the same time the 14th Annual ASEAN College of Medical Physics (ACOMP) and the 13th Annual Meeting of Thai Medical Physicist Society (TMPS). This will be physically held in Phuket, Thailand on 21-23 October 2021.

Due to travel restrictions, we are encouraging you to join virtually this event. This is our way of supporting our fellow medical physicists in Thailand who bravely organised this to promote our field of profession in the SEA region. This is also a venue where we can learn scientific and technological advances in the fields of diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, and radiation protection.

For more information on this event, please visit,

To register, please visit the site,

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