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Medical physics by Filipinos, for Filipinos

It is through the proactive and dynamic approach of the society, through the coordination with national government agencies, that the country has laid firm foundations for the exponential growth of the medical physics field in the Philippines.

The purposes of the SMPRP are as follows: 

  • To advance and safeguard the profession of Medical Physics in all its aspects;

  • To  unite and promote cooperation and understanding among medical physicists and workers in the medical allied professions; and

  • To promote the welfare and professional development of medical physicists of the Philippines.


The SMPRP shall undertake the following activities to achieve its primary goal:

  • Organize and sponsor conventions, scientific meetings, clinical residency training programs, training courses, workshops, and seminars in medical physics, and courses related to the roles, responsibilities, and development of medical physicists;

  • Encourage and support research, training and educational opportunities in medical physics;

  • Develop and disseminate scientific and technical information in medical physics and related fields;

  • Promote and support participation of members in international meetings, conferences, congresses and other similar assemblies or gatherings;

  • Collaborate with regulatory bodies and other scientific organizations;

  • Set-up bodies for specific purposes which will further the objectives of the Organization;

  • Develop any other activity in support of the objectives of the Organization; and

  • Develop ethical standards geared towards a harmonious working environment between physicists and other allied healthcare professionals.

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