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SMPRP Medical Physics
Residency Program

As part of the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) Technical Cooperation Project RAS 6101 or "Improving the Quality and Safety of Radiation Medicine through Medical Physicist Education and Training (RCA)," the SMPRP conducts a Medical Physics Residency Training Program in the Philippines in line with IAEA Training Course Series (TCS) Nos. 37, 47, and 50.

SMPRP Board Resolution No. 2023-0001

SMPRP BR No. 2023-0001 provides for the organizational establishment of the medical physics residency program of the SMPRP. 

*SMPRP Board Resolutions needs membership log-in for file access

Guidelines on the Conduct of the Medical Physics Residency Program

Check out the guidelines as Annex A of the SMPRP Resolution. Familiarize yourself with the provisions and terms before applying.

Application Form

Fill out the application form and send it to the SMPRP email for appropriate action. SMPRP will announce the entry of each new batch of residents soon. So stay tuned!

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