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Happy International Medical Physics Week: A Message from SMPRP President Marquez

"Since the discovery of x-ray by Roentgen, more than a century ago, the evolution of knowledge from the thinkers before us, have given our present day a significant lift on how medical imaging and therapeutic sciences are done. We owe this knowledge on the “giants” before us. All the information and breakthroughs that we have learned and will be learning in the future are the fruits of having them. And because of these, our society has been birthed. Today, The Society of Medical Physicists in the Republic of the Philippines celebrates International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) 2023, with the theme “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”, acknowledging and honoring the intellectuals before us." - Melanie D. Marquez, MSc, CMP-DRMP (President, SMPRP)

Happy International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) 2023!

Check out more information about the International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) by visiting the International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP) at

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