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SEAFOMP Offers Travel Grants to Attend SEACOMP-PITFMB 2023 in Indonesia

SEAFOMP Travel Grants allow awardees to attend and engage in Medical Physics related scientific meetings held worldwide. Currently, SEAFOMP is offering travel grants to qualified SEA medical physicists to attend the upcoming 2023 Southeast Asian Congress of Medical Physics at Lombok Raya, Mataram Indonesia on August 10-13, 2023.

The guidelines as outlined by SEAFOMP are as follows:

"Goals of the Grant

  • To assist medical physicists from developing countries in the SEAFOMP region to attend and present their work at the SOUTH-EAST ASIAN CONGRESS OF MEDICAL PHYSICS (SEACOMP 2023).

  • To foster international co-operation in the field of medical physics not only between SEAFOMP member countries, but also between medical physicists around the world.

The Grants

  • Four (4) Travel Awards with US$ 150 for each successful applicant from within SEAFOMP countries, and;

  • Two (2) additional Travel Awards with US$ 500 each for successful applications from Lao PDR and Cambodia.

Mandatory Requirements

  1. The applicant shall be a young medical physicist (including medical physics students) with maximum age of thirty-five (35) at the time of application deadline, currently practicing in a SEAFOMP member country; and

  2. The applications shall be verified and endorsed by the respective SEAFOMP member organizations (this condition may be exempted for applicants from countries where medical physics organizations do not exist); and

  3. The applicant shall submit at least one abstract accepted for presentation at the SOUTH-EAST ASIAN CONGRESS OF MEDICAL PHYSICS (SEACOMP 2023); and

  4. The awardee shall register and attend the Congress in person (Awards will be presented, and payment will be made at the Congress closing ceremony); and

  5. The awardee shall submit a short report by September 30, 2023 to the SEAFOMP Secretary-General ( and to the awardee’s Medical Physics Association/Society on what was learnt at the Congress and how he/she intends to apply that in his/her own country.

Selection Criteria

Higher priority will be given to the following:

  1. Applicants from developing countries/areas.

  2. The level of responsibility in performing and/or supervising others to perform medical physics service.

  3. The value to the applicants in promoting medical physics in their institutions/countries in attending the congress.

  4. Applicants who have less opportunity of attending overseas training/conferences.

  5. Applicants who have not received any SEAFOMP travel award before.

  6. Applicants with higher quality abstracts

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete the application form available below.

  1. Complete application form must be sent by email to the SEAFOMP Award and Honor Committee ( on or before July 15, 2023.

  2. Applications received shall be considered by the Awards & Honors Committee and endorsed by the SEAFOMP executive committee, whose decision shall be final. Applicants should provide in their applications all relevant information for assessment by the Committee."

To download the application form, please visit the SEAFOMP website at

To check out the details of SEACOMP-PITFMB 2023, please visit

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