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Join a Brachytherapy Masterclass with a Renowned Brachytherapy Expert

Varian is inviting you to join a brachytherapy masterclass with a renowned brachytherapy expert, Dr. Jyoti Mayadev. Highlights:

  • Cervical cancer.

  • The Role of Hybrid Brachytherapy in Advanced Cases.

  • Implementing Advanced Techniques in Limited Resource Settings.

  • Feedback and discussion around local challenges/practices from Day 1 workshop feedback on the above, insertion and planning techniques.

  • Clinical workflow feedback, outcome feedback, opportunities, and future direction.

  • Addressing difficulties: What to do for parametria invasion or persistent parametrial disease post EBRT for those who are not able to do interstitial therapy.


Registration: Click here to register. Hurry! Limited slots only!

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