All members of the organization are committed to the objectives of SMPRP. They must be of good moral character and have neither been convicted with finality of a criminal case nor found guilty in an administrative case with penalty of dismissal.

All applications for membership to the Organization regardless of the class of membership must be endorsed by at least two (2) regular members and must be approved by the membership committee and majority of the Board of Trustees. 


Regular Membership

Filipinos practicing  medical  physics,  persons  certified  by  the Philippine  Board  of  Medical  Physics  (PBMP),  persons  who  are  regular members of SMPRP prior to ratification of these Rules and Regulation and medical physicists who have retired from their full-time work but still practice medical physics and participate actively in SMPRP activities

Annual Fee: 1000 PHP


Associate Membership

Filipino graduate students or trainees in medical physics; Filipino graduates of related fields who prove their interest in  medical physics by actively participating in the activities of the Organization

Annual Fee: 500 PHP